My name is Michał Słupczyński and I am the author of the Polska Bajeczna travel project. I am just realizing my biggest dream, which is to cycle around Europe. 


I started  my trip in March 2021. I cycled around Northern Europe - through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In 202 days, I traveled almost 10,000 km, getting to know the amazing nature and culture of the countries visited.
Now I am getting ready for my trip through Western and Southern Europe. On my route, I want to cross Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Great Britain and Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal as well as Andorra and Monaco, then through Italy and the Alpine countries - Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria.

The pandemic has taught me to be careful when planning, but if everything goes as planned, I want to start this journey in early 2023.


The implementation of the Fabulous Poland project is closely connected with my travel plans - long bicycle trip around Europe. It will be a great opportunity to promote Poland abroad - just like in Poland, I want to carry out a series of meetings in Libraries in all countries on my route, promote Polish culture and tradition, and encourage the selection of Polish products.