fabulous greetings from Poland

My name is Michał Słupczyński and I am the author of the Polska Bajeczna travel project. I am just realizing my biggest dream, which is to cycle around Europe. During this travel, I popularize Polish legends and folk tales in all countries on my route.

I had been dreaming about a trip around Europe for many years, but first I decided to get to know my own country, which turned out to be more beautiful than I could have imagined. And this is how the Fabulous Poland project was created - because many people come back from different parts of the world and show others how beautiful it is where they have been.

Now I am telling the world how beautiful it is in Poland. And it is often very surprising.


Polska Bajeczna is a travel project aimed at promoting Polish cultural heritage, in particular legends and folk tales from various geographical regions. These legends are connected with historical events, places and people, thus, in a way, they help to popularize knowledge about Polish history, nature and literature. 
 The project is addressed primarily to families with children, but also to young people and adults. Do the people of Europe know Polish legends? The answer may surprise you. 


My name is Michał Słupczyński, by profession I am a librarian and reading promoter, privately a bicycle traveler. I have traveled across Poland, from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains. I am also genuinely in love with my homeland, Polish culture, literature and tradition.
In 2020, I wanted to start a lonely bicycle trip around Europe. Unfortunately, 3 weeks before the start I was stoped by the Covid-19 pandemic. I decided to wait one more year and set off in March 2021 - this time regardless of the obstacles. I cycled around Northern Europe - through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In 202 days, I traveled almost 10,000 km, getting to know the amazing nature and culture of the countries visited.

 Now I 'm continuing my trip through Western and Southern Europe.

I would like to ask all people of good will for help in carrying out this undertaking. You don't need much to do a lot, because even small amounts are a big help for me - one person will not feel it, and the more people willing to help, the faster I will collect the necessary funds.
Actually, I am so fixated that I will go anyway - although of course without your help it will be much more difficult for me.

Therefore, I am asking you: help me, please!

If you want to help me:

You can support me through the Patronite platform, where there are various "prizes" for each contributor - I have prepared a lot of them and I hope they will be attractive to you.

You can support through Paypal by paying any amount once or cyclically. Then be sure to write me a message so that I can contact you and thank you.

You can order a direct transfer to a bank account. Then be sure to write me a message so that I can contact you and thank you.

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