fabulous greetings from Poland

My name is Michał Słupczyński and I am the author of the travel project Fabulous Poland . In spring 2021 I will set off on a lonely bicycle trip around Europe, and during this trip I will be popularizing Polish legends and folk tales in all countries on my route.

In 2021 I am making a cycling trip through North Europe. I am starting from Poland on April 5, 2020 through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

I have dreamed about traveling around Europe for many years, but first I had decided to get to know my own country thoroughly, which turned out to be more beautiful than I could have imagined. And this is how the Fabulous Poland project came about - because many people return from different parts of the world and show others how beautiful it is where they travelled.

Now I will tell the world how beautiful is Poland.


Poland Fabulous is a travel project whose goal is to promote Polish cultural heritage, in particular folk legends and fairy tales from various geographical regions. These legends help disseminate knowledge about Polish history, nature and literature.
The project is addressed primarily to families with children, also to adolescents and adults. Do the people of Europe know Polish legends? Soon we'll find out.


My name is Michał Słupczyński, by profession I am a librarian and promoter of reading, privately a bicycle traveler. I traveled Poland length and breadth, from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains. I am also genuinely in love with my homeland, Polish culture, literature and tradition.

I cordially ask all people wishing to help me in this undertaking. It doesn't take much to do a lot, and I will be gracefull for  even small amount – one person won't feel it, and when there is more people wanting to help me, then I raise faster the necessary funds.

If you want to help me:

You can support me through the Patronite platform, where there are various "prizes" for each contributor - I have prepared a lot of them and I hope they will be attractive to you.

You can support through Paypal by paying any amount once or cyclically. Then be sure to write me a message so that I can contact you and thank you.

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