Chęciny - a magnificent castle from the times of King Władysław I Łokietek surrounded by the beautiful Świętokrzyskie Mountains, with a view of Kielce and a wide panorama of the area. Nearby is also the Raj Cave - one of the most beautiful caves in Poland, where you can admire the amazing forms of stalactites and stalagmites.
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The Świętokrzyskie Mountains - the lowest and also the oldest mountains in Poland with the largest areas in Europe in the area of gołobórz in non-alpine areas. The Świętokrzyskie Mountains have also been for centuries a region associated with the witches' Sabbaths, as well as the only sanctuary in Poland of the Holy Cross tree (hence the name of the mountains and one of the peaks - Święty Krzyż means Holy Cross).

Kazimierz Dolny - a tiny but very picturesque town on the Vistula River, beloved by painters and art lovers.

Lublin - the largest and oldest city in eastern Poland within its current borders. It was here that the Union of Lublin was signed, which for several centuries joined Poland and Lithuania into one large state, which at its peak reached from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Nowadays Lublin is a beautiful old town, a magnificent Jagiellonian Fair and Carnival of the Arts, as well as a rich cultural, museum and tourist offer.

Polesie - a small fragment of the historical land located on both banks of the Bug River. The most important cities of Polish Polesie are Chełm and Włodawa, the most beautiful landscapes are Poleski National Park and the Bug Valley.
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Pieskowa Skała - a royal castle surrounded by Jurassic rocks, one of the largest of which is called the Hercules Club and is an inseparable element of the castle in Pieskowa Skała.

Ojców - the heart of the Ojców National Park, within which among the Jurassic rocks hide a lot of caves and traces of historical events. The legendary Łokietek Cave was once to protect King Władysław I Łokietek from death at the hands of the Czech ruler Wenceslaus.

Krzyżtopór - one of the most impressive knight's castles in Poland, which had a legend already during the lifetime of its first inhabitants. A wonderful place in the beautiful scenery of the Sandomierz Upland.

Lessowe Gorges - the most beautiful gorges of this type in Poland can be found on the Vistula in Sandomierz and Kazimierz Dolny.

Szczebrzeszyn - a place that Polish poet Jan Brzechwa made famous for a poem, which was also a praise for the beauty of the Polish language. Try to say: W SZCZEBRZESZYNIE CHRZĄSZCZ BRZMI W TRZCINIE (in Szczebrzeszyn beetle is buzzing in the cane).

Zamość - one of the most beautiful cities in Poland known primarily from the beautiful Renaissance town hall.

Roztocze - a geographical land famous for its beautiful wavy fields and meadows, as well as the unique natural water thresholds on the Tanew River known as the Szumy nad Tanwia (humes on Tanew).

Oświęcim - the museum of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. This place is not fabulous at all, but everyone should see it at least once in their life. Cautionary.

Krakow - the city of Polish kings unique in every reason, rich in its tradition, although it is no longer the capital, it is still in the center of the world. No other Polish city is as international, multicultural and climatic as Krakow. It is here that Europe's largest market square and Sukiennice, the oldest shopping center in Europe, are located. It was here that Polish kings lived for many centuries, that's where the most famous Polish legends and traditions come from.

The Wawel Dragon - the oldest and most famous "citizen" of Krakow, and also the most popular hero of Polish legends. The Wawel dragon, though long ago defeated by the brave Szewczyk, still breathes fire in front of the Wawel Royal Castle and is visited by crowds of tourists from around the world every day.

Wieliczka Salt Mine - the oldest underground tourist route in Poland in one of the most famous tourist facilities in the world; the only mining facility in the world open continuously from the Middle Ages to the present, also the largest underground temple in Poland and in the world.
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Pacanów - a small town made famous in the children's books about Matołek the Billy Goat. Today there is the European Center of Tales, and Matołek the Billy Goat is present everywhere.

Rzeszów - one of the most beautiful cities in southern Poland, the capital of a region rich in separate traditions. Not far from Rzeszów is the town of Łańcut, and in it one of the most beautiful castles in Poland.

Przemyśl - a very picturesque and atmospheric city on the San River, not far from the border with Ukraine. It is here that Wojak Szwejk from the novel by Jaroslav Hašek experienced some of his adventures. Near Przemyśl there is the town of Krasiczyn, and in it one of the most beautiful castles in Poland.
Website: Visit Przemyśl

Pieniny - low, but very beautiful mountains on the Polish-Slovak border with amazing views of the Tatra Mountains, great for hiking and cycling. It is the most beautiful here in autumn, when the trees dress in all the colors of nature.

The Tatra Mountains - the highest mountains in Poland and the only alpine mountains in this part of Europe. They live in many rare animal species, including mountain goat, brown bear, alpine marmot. In the Tatra Mountains there is the highest Polish peak - Rysy, the highest Polish waterfall Wielka Siklawa, the highest mountain shelter in Poland. The city of Zakopane at the foot of the Tatra Mountains is the mountain capital of Poland. Podhale highlanders live here, who cultivate their separate culture. The majestic Giewont - a mountain that resembles a sleeping knight - towers over Zakopane.

Dunajec Gorge - the most beautiful gorge of the river in Poland, with rafts controlled by rafters, i.e. the Pieniny highlanders. From spring to autumn you can admire the beautiful Pieniny from here.

Solina - the largest and highest water dam in Poland on the San River surrounded by mountains, a great place to relax, as well as for hiking, cycling, water tourism.

Wooden Architecture Trail - the largest cluster of wooden churches in Poland, among them the oldest wooden churches in Poland.

Bieszczady Mountains - the last wild mountains in Poland not conquered by man, the largest refuge for wild animals, including brown bear, lynx, wildcat, bison, wolf, deer. If you want run away from civilization then only in the Bieszczady Mountains - it will be the best direction.