Słowiński National Park - the largest moving dunes in Europe, one of the most beautiful wild beaches on the Polish sea surrounded by phenomenal nature; also attractive seaside towns: Ustka and Łeba.

Hel - a narrow spit with a length of 35 km, in the narrowest place is only 150 m wide; popular holiday destinations: Chałupy, Jastarnia, Jurata and Hel with the famous sealarium.

Jurata - the legendary Queen of the Baltic Sea, the resort on the Hel Spit took its name from her name and this is where the statue of the goddess is located.

Świnoujście - the westernmost town by the Polish sea, the only location on over a hundred islands, which center can only be reached by ferry; on the rocky headland on the island of Usedom is the historic Stawa Młyny, one of the city's symbols.

Trzęsacz - a small town located on a high cliff, whose biggest attraction are the Ruins of the Church destroyed by sea waves, and according to legend by the King of the Baltic, who wanted to avenge his daughter captured by fishermen.

Kołobrzeg - one of the most beautiful cities on the Polish sea with the oldest lighthouse in Poland and many other attractions; to the west of Kołobrzeg stretch towns on a high cliff, and to the east of the city the coast is level with the sea level.

Rowokół - a holy mountain in pre-Christian times near the Łebsko lake, a wonderful viewpoint, ideal for active recreation; Nearby is the Słowiński Open-Air Museum in Kluki.
Website: Kluki Museum

Kashubian Switzerland - Swiss landscapes in the north of Poland can be admired in Kashubia, a Polish cultural region with a unique Kashubian regional tradition and language.

Gdańsk - the largest city on the Polish seaside, which together with Gdynia and Sopot forms the famous Polish Tri-City with a rich tradition and many attractions. It was here that the famous astronomer Jan Hevelius lived and worked, here the Second World War began, here he developed the workers' Solidarity movement, here the largest Dominican Fair in Europe is held every year.

Wolin - the largest island entirely on Polish territory, where the city of Wolin is located, once inhabited by Vikings, and Wolin National Park with the highest cliffs in Poland and the refuge of majestic white-tailed eagle.

Szczecin - the largest city in Western Pomerania, formerly the seat of the Pomeranian Dukes, there is a sea port (although there are over 100 km to the sea), many monuments, including one of the tallest churches in Poland.

Venice - a town in the historical land of Pałuki, which houses the Narrow Gauge Railway Open-Air Museum, and in the summer by historic rail you can get to Biskupin and to Znin, the historic capital of the region.

Wieżyca - the highest hill in the north of Poland, from which there are wonderful views; easily accessible on foot or by bicycle.

Bydgoszcz - the largest city in the Kujawy region, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland with a rich cultural, museum and tourist offer, additionally associated with the legend of Master Twardowski, who can be seen on the Bydgoszcz market every day.

Toruń - one of the oldest cities in Poland and the hometown of astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik, also from here are legendary Polish gingerbread; the well-preserved Old Town complex has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Cedynia - a place on the Odra River in the westernmost place in Poland, where over 1000 years ago at the beginning of the Polish state the famous battle took place, which strengthened the presence of Poles in these areas.

Warta Mouth - a national park at the mouth of the Warta River to the Odra River, one of the largest refuges for water and marsh birds in Europe.

Gorzów - a city on the Warta River, one of the two capitals of the Lubuskie Province.

Drawa - one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland, loved by canoeists, also great for cycling and hiking; also an important nature reserve, including Drawa National Park.

Poznań - one of the most important, oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland, the cradle of Polish culture from the beginning of the Polish state, the capital of the Wielkopolska region, the city of the Poznań International Fair; it is here that every day at noon, two Poznań goats graze on the town hall tower: Tyrek and Pyrek.
Website: Poznań Travel

Gniezno - the historic first capital of Poland and a place symbolically associated with the birth of the Polish state; according to legend, Lech, one of three brothers wandering the world in search of a place where he could settle down with his people, saw an eagle on a tall tree against the background of the setting sun and decided that he would establish a settlement here, which he called Gniezno (nest).

Biskupin - a place where in 1933 the ancient settlement of the Lusatian culture was discovered, which was considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Europe in the 20th century.

Lubusz - a city founded over 1000 years ago, the historic capital of the Lubusz Land on the left bank of the Odra River, currently in Germany under the name Lebus.

Łagów - a very attractive place in the Lubuskie Lake District, surrounded by lakes and forests, the former seat of the Order of the Knights.

Świebodzin - a place known primarily for the largest monument in Poland to Christ the King, one of the largest in the world.

Rogalin - a town in southern Greater Poland, where the magnificent Palace of the Raczyński Family is located, called the Polish Versailles.
Website: Rogalin Palace

Koło - a town on the Warta river in eastern Greater Poland, near which are the ruins of the royal castle from the time of King Casimir III the Great, the last ruler of the Piast dynasty.

Jeziorsko - a reservoir on the Warta River, one of the largest and highest dams in Poland, in the middle course of the Warta River, which is the second longest river flowing entirely in Poland.

Łódź - the third largest city in Poland, famous for one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe - Piotrkowska Street, the capital of Polish cinema and the seat of the animated film studio, which created such characters as the Filemon Cat and Uszatek Bear.